Refrigerant Gases - Lower GWP Alternatives


(Opteon™ XP10)

  • GWP: 573 IPCC 5th Revision
  • Application: R134A Replacement
  • Preferred Oil: POE/PAG
  • Ashrae Class: A1
  • Composition: 56% R1234yf, 44% R134a
Available Cylinder Sizes
12/46 Kg Cyl

video guide See our short video guide to R513A

R513A (Opteon™ XP10) low global warming potential (GWP), hydrofluoro-olefin (HFO) based refrigerant replacement for R134a and is suitable for new and retrofit of existing systems, offering excellent capacity and energy efficiency match to R134a.

Designed for use in:

  • automotive, commercial medium temperature DX refrigeration
  • air chillers
  • and heat pumps

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