Laboratory Testing Services

Part of any engineer's job is to service and repair equipment, sometimes the problem can be contaminated refrigerant resulting from a compressor burn out or other equipment failure.

At National Refrigerants using our own inhouse state of the art laboratory we can test all refrigerants to ensure that they are not contaminated or out of specification.

We can test for:

  • Purity - Tests the purity and specification of the refrigerant
  • Moisture Content - Standard should be less than 10PPM
  • High Boiling Residue - Checks the oil content and other particulates
  • Acidity Content - Checks for acid presence in refrigerant
  • Full Liquid Phase Analysis - All of the above
  • Analysis of Non-Condensable Gases - Check for presence of air content

If you would like your refrigerant testing, we issue a small sample cylinder that you simply use to withdraw a small amount of refrigerant in the liquid phase (Vapour for Non Condensable test).

Return back to National where you will receive your results in 3-5 days.

For a sample of a Certificate of Analysis report, please see the COA for R410A.

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