Refrigerant Gases - HFC's


  • GWP: 626 IPCC 5th Revision
  • Application: Automotive
  • Preferred Oil: POE/PAG
  • Ashrae Class: A1
  • Composition: 45% R134a, 49% R1234ze,
    6% R32
Available Cylinder Sizes
12/57 Kg Cyl


Air Conditioning Car Engine R134aNational R456A is a new lower GWP (global warming potential) alternative to R134a in automotive aftermarket.

National R456A has almost the same capacity and efficiency vs R134a while having only half the GWP.

With over a 30% quota reduction (vs 2023) from January 1st 2024 - R134a will have reduced availability and become much more expensive.

National R456A could be the solution to this problem.

With a GWP of 626 vs 1,430 (R134a) manufacturer's can make more than twice the amount of refrigerant using the same quota. Fully compatible with existing R134a systems and equipment with no seal replacement or oil change required.

R134a R456A
Composition R134a R32 6% R134a 45% R1234ze (E) 49%
Capacity % 100 101.2
GWP (AR5) 1,300 626
COP (%) 100 99.6
Ashrae class A1 A1
Glide (K) 0.0 2.7
AC Dial R456A

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