Refrigerant Gases - Lower GWP Alternatives


(Opteon™️ XP44, Solstice® R452A)

  • GWP: 2,140 IPCC 4th Revision
  • Application: Refrigerated Transport
  • Preferred Oil: POE
  • Ashrae Class: A1
  • Composition: 11% R32, 59% R125,
    30% R1234yf
Available Cylinder Sizes
9/46 Kg Cyl

video guide See our short video guide to R452A

R452A is a non-flammable, zeotropic blend, designed to serve as a lower global-warming-potential (GWP) alternative to R404A and R507 for low and medium temperature applications in existing and new systems.

A key feature of R452A is its matched compressor discharge temperature of R404A and R507 at both low and medium temperature conditions, helping to further minimize application and retrofit costs.

Primarily used as a R404A replacement in refrigerated transport.

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