Refrigerant Gases - HFO's


(Solstice® yf)

  • GWP: 4 IPCC 4th Revision
  • Application: Auto A/C
  • Preferred Oil: PAG
  • Ashrae Class: A2L
  • Composition: 100% R1234yf
Available Cylinder Sizes
5/10/57 Kg Cyl

video guide See our short video guide to R1234yf

R1234yf (Solstice® yf) is a R134a replacement in automotive air-conditioning.

All new cars produced in Europe from 2017 now have to use a refrigerant with a GWP lower than 150. (R134a is 1,430).

R1234yf is classified A2L so is mildly flammable making it unsuitable for retrofit applications.

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