National Refrigerants, Limited (NRL) is an independent worldwide distributor
of refrigerants and all associated refrigerant management services.

HFC Refrigerant Further Increase

"National Refrigerants announces today an increase on the cost of HFC's that we are experiencing from our supply partners within Europe."

F-Gas regulation no: 517/2014 began last year with the aim, amongst other objectives, to reduce the amount of refrigerants that can be placed on the European market over a 15 year period. During this year, 2016, the first cut of 7% of the initial base-line quantity has come into effect — leading to further activity by producers within R&D departments for lower GWP solutions for the Industry.

Effective April 1st, or as contracts permit, the following product price increases will apply:

20% Increase:
R-134a, R-407A, R-407C, R-407F, R-410A, R-152a, R-32

25% Increase:
R-404A, R-507

All other Refrigerants remain unchanged.