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Call for F-Gas Compliance Certificates

As we are all aware, the new F-Gas regulation 517/2014 comes into force January 1st 2015. Under this regulation, there are different requirements which must be met in order to fully comply.

If you are a wholesaler or distributor operating in the Refrigeration, Air conditioning and Automotive sector, Under Article 11 paragraph 4 of the regulation, you will no longer be able to supply HFC refrigerants to customers who are not registered under the F-Gas regulations or, do not have an engineer trained and certified under F-Gas regulations.

All wholesale or distributor customers therefore must ensure that all your customers are fully aware of this and that you obtain these certificates before you supply the refrigerant. Subsequently, contractor/engineering customers who operate on the equipment using HFC refrigerants - we will no longer beable to supply you with refrigerants from January 1st 2015 unless you provide us with your certificates.

Also under (Article 6, paragraph 3) you will have to keep a record of your customers’ registration number or the engineers’ Training Certificate number or subsequent re-certification number, together with the quantity of HFC refrigerants supplied to him. This record must be kept for a period of 5 years and, that these records must be made available to the competent authority, in this case DEFRA or the EU Commission on request.